Laboratory research methods

Laboratory studies methods are an vital method for figuring out numerous sicknesses and pathologies. One of the varieties of laboratory diagnostics is an analysis, the selection of which depends on the purpose of the prognosis.

The main types of laboratory research methods

The variety of analyzes depends on the type of tissue collection for research. To date, the following types are distinguished:

Blood take a look at. This evaluation is considered the most important among laboratory research, which lets in you to determine any negative modifications in various organs and systems. A widespread and biochemical blood test is achieved.
Evaluation of urine. A widely used evaluation is used to diagnose sicknesses of the genitourinary gadget. Its conduct allows you to decide the development of illnesses at an early degree. Thanks to the effects of this analysis, an most suitable weight-reduction plan for the affected person can be developed.
Stool evaluation. The maximum critical analysis for figuring out troubles in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Its result might also suggest the presence of parasites, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, or problems with the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
Microbiological evaluation. A special kind of analysis designed to search for dangerous microorganisms. There are many methods for carrying out such an evaluation, among which microscopy and the culture method are prominent.
Histological evaluation. This method of laboratory research is supposed for the detection of oncological neoplasms.The evaluation is achieved by means of sampling tissues eliminated from the body.
Cytological analysis. Designed for the prognosis of neoplasms.

Laboratory and instrumental research

Laboratory and instrumental studies is a hard and fast of methods and gear for carrying out analyzes designed to diagnose diverse sicknesses. The selection of the technique and device for engaging in the evaluation depends on the purpose of the observe.

Based totally on this, there are:

Immunological studies is necessary to examine the kingdom of the human immune machine. Such research are prescribed for patients with allergies, persistent breathing illnesses, and whilst neoplasms are detected.
The have a look at of genetic predisposition – designed to evaluate the affected person’s predisposition to the improvement of any sicknesses, determine the Rh factor, decide metabolic problems, blood coagulation ranges, oncological illnesses, and a predisposition to dependancy to bad behavior.
Hormonal studies – designed to assess the effectiveness of endocrine sicknesses, illnesses related to a disruption of hormonal degrees.
Analysis of infectious sicknesses is necessary to discover infections, specially deadly ones. Thus far, laboratory and instrumental research can detect any form of infection with excessive accuracy.

Clinical laboratory research

Experiments, exams which can be performed with the participation of human beings.
Scientific laboratory studies is designed to analyze the effectiveness of recent drug treatments or treatments. Research like this are designed to decide aspect outcomes.
Medical laboratory studies is the most critical degree earlier than the drug is released to the marketplace. Such studies cannot be accomplished without the participation of humans, since the signs of diagnostic consequences in animals cannot be extrapolated to human beings.
Laboratory strategies of blood evaluation
Laboratory methods of blood evaluation are an critical degree within the diagnosis of diseases, because it allows you to decide the slightest adjustments inside the paintings of human systems and organs.

There are several types of blood tests:

A fashionable evaluation is necessary to determine the level of platelets, leukocytes, erythrocytes, and hemoglobin within the blood. Modifications in signs may additionally indicate anemia due to different factors, the existence of various inflammations of smooth tissues, the improvement of thrombosis, and neoplasms. To perform such an evaluation, venous blood is taken.
A biochemical blood check is finished to evaluate hormone levels. The slightest deviation from the norm, in this situation, can imply a serious malfunction of the organs, purpose infertility, intellectual retardation, or purpose the improvement of diabetes mellitus.

Laboratory methods of urine analysis

Fashionable evaluation of urine is the most famous way to study urine due to its relative simplicity. This sort of look at is completed to assess the functioning of the kidneys and bladder and determine the inflammatory strategies. That is important to prevent the development of cystitis or pyelonephritis.

If any abnormalities are discovered, other, extra correct strategies of urine evaluation can be used.

These diagnostic methods include the following types of analyzes:

According to Nechiporenko, designed to hit upon inflammatory methods;
According to Zemnitsky, designed to evaluate the paintings of the kidneys;
For glucose, which is used to diagnose diabetes mellitus.

Laboratory methods of kidney research

The methods of kidney research include fluoroscopy, ultrasound and radioisotope research, puncture biopsy.

Fluoroscopy permits you to evaluate the size and shape of the kidneys, the presence of massive stones, and strains of neoplasms.
Ultrasound exam is vital to evaluate the shape and size of the kidneys, to come across neoplasms, stones, or cavities, to assess the functionality of the blood flow.
A radioisotope study is performed to evaluate the capability of the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.
Puncture biopsy is essential to evaluate the extent of tumor development, the diagnosis of its growth, and remedy potentialities.

Preparing a patient for laboratory tests

Preparing a affected person is the most crucial level in laboratory tests since the adequacy of the consequences obtained depends on it.

The blood check is achieved on an empty stomach, no in advance than eight hours after the last intake of stable food or beverages, aside from water. It’s far advocated to stop smoking earlier than taking blood.
For urine analysis, you need about a hundred and fifty ml of the morning urine, before having a shower.

Morning bowel movements are required for stool evaluation. The main component is that the container for the gathering of feces is sterile, for this you may treat the field with boiling water.

Preparing a patient for laboratory tests

The business enterprise “middle for external excellent control of clinical Laboratory studies” operates primarily based on the Federal law “organization and implementation of commercial manage over compliance with sanitary regulations and implementation of sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures”. The main challenge of the center is to control the behavior of laboratory checks and compliance with hygiene policies.

Modern laboratory and instrumental research methods at the exhibition

Laboratory research techniques and gear have nearly not modified for a long time. However the discovery of latest illnesses and deeper research of already regarded ones requires the improvement of recent strategies and tools.

You may get acquainted with them at the international exhibition “Chemistry” or “Healthcare”, that’s held via the imperative Exhibition complicated “Expocentre”.

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