Cutaneous candidiasis: causes of its occurrence

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Sufferers regularly ask the question: why do medical doctors often send them both for checks or for consultations with “associated” specialists. It would appear that what’s simpler: if it’s miles poured out on the skin – treat the skin, however, unluckily, no longer the entirety is so simple …
There are illnesses and pores and skin situations that, similarly to burdening the affected person with their signs, are also markers, signs and symptoms of some extra serious pathology of internal organs. The sort of pathologies is pores and skin candidiasis.

Case from practice

A young, slightly over 30, overweight woman, who had formerly complained of dry pores and skin on her fingers, started to experience itching between her palms. Then redness joined the itching, and the pores and skin started to flake off. Since she frequently needed to wash and wash dishes with her arms, each she and the docs who treated her interpreted the incident as “an allergic reaction to washing powder.”

But, the prescribed remedy (topical corticosteroids and antihistamines) added simplest transient alleviation, the signs by no means absolutely disappeared, and the cessation of treatment induced a strong exacerbation of dermatosis. Repeated changes in washing powder and detergents did now not help both.

And here is the dermatologist’s workplace. After examining the sufferer, I advocated interrupting the remedy for some time and taking exams for mushrooms. Having received the results and moreover wondering the patient, I despatched her for a consultation with an endocrinologist, wherein, after an extra exam, the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus was first established.

The prescribed antifungal remedy had a short effect, and nutritional changes compensated for the initial manifestations of diabetes. I also encouraged a extra mild remedy for the skin of the fingers, softening lotions … 2 years have handed because then. Dermatosis now not recurred, and the girl who got here to the dermatologist turned into capable of prevent the further development of severe endocrinological disease in time.

Where does cutaneous candidiasis come from?

Cutaneous candidiasis

Fungi of the genus Candida are almost anywhere: in the surroundings, at the pores and skin, inside the intestines of healthful humans, birds, animals … Although, maximum folks do now not have candidiasis of the pores and skin, simplest folks that are very “lucky” get unwell.

Most often, lesions of the skin and its appendages are because of Candida albicans, which below ordinary situations may be part of the everyday microflora of the pores and skin and intestines of humans and animals. Lots less commonplace causative marketers are other candida (C. Stellar concept, C. Tropicalis, C. Parapsilosis, C. Guillermondi, C. Curse, C. Pseudotropicalis, and so forth., greater than one hundred sixty species), but, currently they have emerge as extra commonplace.

Elements affecting the opportunity of developing cutaneous candidiasis can be divided into primary businesses – inner and external.


  • Metabolic problems, particularly diabetes mellitus, obesity;
  • Excessive, depleting illnesses, more often oncological;
  • Conditions after surgical treatment;
  • Chronic infectious illnesses (tuberculosis);
  • Conditions associated with expanded sweating (from extended extended temperature to neurosis);
  • Circulatory disorders of the extremities;
  • Primary and secondary immunodeficiency states, such as viral etiology;
  • Long-time period treatment with corticosteroids (systemic), cytostatics, antibiotics (greater often with self-management of the latter);
  • Alcoholism, drug dependancy;
  • Persistent intoxication.


  • Direct and lengthy-time period publicity to dangerous substances (detergents, acids, alkalis, cement, and many others.) at the pores and skin and mucous membranes;
  • High temperature and humidity inside the room;
  • Too warm, tight, occlusive (now not breathable) clothing;
  • Erosion, burns, pores and skin harm for the duration of nail cropping;
  • Loss of adequate hygiene;
  • Horrific habits (as an instance, lip-biting in youngsters, the habit of biting nails);
  • Ionizing radiation, and so on.

Most usually, these factors are combined, as within the above instance, while an competitive surroundings (solutions of washing powder and dishwashing detergents), which formerly precipitated handiest dry skin, with the development of inner pathology, served as an impetus for the development of a fungal infection.

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