Cottage: build yourself or buy ready-made – which is more profitable

The desire to live in your property may be found out in numerous ways: through land and build a residence, buy an unfinished house, buy a finished residence in a cottage network. RBC Novosibirsk understood the blessings of options.

In precept, almost all the specialists interviewed agreed that if you commit maximum personal time to production, independently control all techniques and gather the essential amount of expertise and capabilities for this, you may shop lots. However, for most of the people, such immersion within the question is genuinely not possible.

Buy land

In step with the top of the workplace of the Zhilfond real property company Vadim Stepanov, the cost of the plot relies upon on the purpose of the land. The website online may be placed at the territory of DNT, SNT, or IZHS. If that is a dacha non-earnings partnership (DNT), then the price here is from 600 thousand rubles. However the location of ​​the web page is larger: about 8-10 acres, – says Stepanov. – If this island is for man or woman housing creation (IZHS), then there can be two options. In a newly founded residential complicated on the land of person housing construction (with out infrastructure) – from 600 thousand rubles. The plots here are also, by and large, greater spacious: about 10 acres. If the territory has developed infrastructure (there are communications, true roads), then approximately – from 1 million four hundred thousand rubles ”
The fee, in keeping with Stepanov, differs because of the possibilities provided by this or that category. You can construct an individual residence in DNT and on man or woman housing production, and then sign up a residence allow in it. “humans want to shop for land for man or woman housing construction because they are frightened of excessive payments to the DNT, which take up the upkeep and improvement of the village,” explains Stepanov. – however payments in special DNTs are different. Someplace they take 10 thousand rubles, and someplace and 250 in keeping with year. Lots relies upon on the listing of offerings. It can be garbage removal, snow elimination, and avenue construction ”

Buy a land plot in a cottage village

Consistent with Valentin Kanaev, head of the sales branch of the Siberian house organisation, the lower priced charge of land outside the cottage settlements is a brief-time period benefit at the initial stage of construction. “when the residence is built, there will be a big query approximately snow removal inside the iciness, and about the availability and nice of roads to your own home,” Kanaev says.- it’s far hard and highly-priced for an person developer to independently solve those problems. The management organisation of the cottage network takes care of these problems. Homeowners pay an average of two,000 rubles for the usage of the infrastructure. It’s far worthwhile, even cheaper than within the town ”. A house in a village is a reasonably big and substantial range of offerings. Safety, internet, garbage disposal, video surveillance, playgrounds and exercise regions, roads, along with the provision of public delivery stops inside walking distance. “i am sure.
Perhaps the most vital element for assessing a domain in a village is infrastructure. “there is a certain minimal of answers for a at ease existence,” says Ruslan Alabin, manager of the green property cottage network. – strength – at the least 10 kW according to household. Plumbing – centralized water deliver. Most customarily these are their wells, on occasion the Gorvodokanal network. Due to the fact settlements are more frequently positioned a ways from everyday city infrastructure, gasoline heating is the pleasant heating method. In terms of roads, overwhelmed stone is taken into consideration not unusual, although there has been a trend towards asphalting within the beyond two years. In precept, the better the road, the better the village can role itself ”
There is one more nuance while choosing a village. Some settlements at some stage in construction require compliance with the team spirit of fashion, which sharply limits the imagination of the proprietor or requires improved financial investments. For instance, in one of the popular cottage settlements at the website, you could placed a garage, however it must be brick and made in the same fashion as residential buildings. In this case, a storage product of aerated concrete blocks or panels, coated with siding, would price the owner a smaller amount.

Nikolay Ivakin, manager of the suburban real property branch of ETAZHI FRK in Novosibirsk:
If you buy land in a cottage village, you continue to need to construct a house. While building a house, most probable, there might be a situation for adhering to the idea and a unmarried fashion. It’s miles essential to make sure that the important infrastructure is constructed within the cottage community. You can choose the land, you may use the cloth – sit down, brick, frame technology. Consistent with the assessment, it’s miles crucial to apprehend the cost, to evaluate the land plot by using comparative and value evaluation. For this reason, this is a assessment of offers within the identical area by using comparable criteria or by the value of building a residence.

Select unfinished

This option, clearly, offers an opportunity for financial savings. The dangers right here are so as: it isn’t always regarded whether or not the development technologies have been observed, how the item turned into preserved, or the incomplete assignment changed into abandoned for several years. “On the only hand, you may buy one: a part of the work has already been accomplished there, such objects are less expensive,” says Stepanov. “then again, it’s far hard to calculate how a lot cash might be required to finish the development.”sure risks are added here. According to Zhilfond analysts.

Buy ready

The principle trouble right here is the issue in choosing a house. Layouts, orientation to the cardinal factors, vicinity of ​​premises, and their motive. “They build homes, most of the time, for themselves, while constructing them taking into consideration their own wishes,” says Stepanov. “Then for some purpose the proprietor’s existence state of affairs modifications, and it will become vital to sell the assets.”.“The proprietor has invested a number of cash in the cottage and, of direction, he wants to get it when promoting it,” continues Stepanov. – The most popular client request now’s cottages with a median place of ​​100 “squares” and suitable shipping accessibility. Human beings want to buy such options for about 5 million rubles. But the proprietors ask for more – from 6 million. And these are, often, cottages without completing. ”
It’s far well worth thinking about the frequent violations of production technology, the removal of that could price loads of thousands of rubles. “Freezing, bloodless rooms, leaking roofs, cracks inside the building shape”, – lists the representative of the green house organization Daria Tolkacheva.
Now in the pool of proposals on the web sites, there are freshly built cottages or duplexes, less expensive in rate, with turnkey finishing. “frequently in such facilities, reasonably-priced repairs cover creation defects. – Ella Buravleva, director of the brand new homes sales middle, remarks on the trouble. – beneath the linoleum, there are terrible ceilings, when the primary ground is seen inside the gap in the 2d floor. There are problems, if houses are constructed in autumn and winter in violation of generation, then the foundation can “drift”. ”

Build yourself

“The prime price of constructing materials is continually lower than the rate for finished housing,” Valentin Kanaev is positive. – you could increase an person residence task, make your dream come true and keep in mind loads of functions at some stage in production: the layout of dwelling rooms, the scale, and orientation of the home windows within the house to the cardinal points, the area of the doorway door. In our area, the purchaser chooses the option of person housing creation ”.
The fee of constructing a residence in businesses is most often calculated in several classes: residence kit, for rough completing, for completing, turnkey.

Valentin Kanaev, head of the income branch of the Siberian house enterprise:
“Stone houses are constantly more costly due to the fact the generation in their creation is extra complicated and aid-in depth, however it’s miles higher. Already on the level of laying the inspiration for a heavy stone residence, you’ll should spend well. There are also market phenomena. Whilst comparing suburban real property (a residence without thinking of the value of the land plot), I suggest the use of the following method: take the marketplace fee of 1 sq. M. The average 3-room condominium, multiply the resulting price by using 2, – you get the common value of 1 square meter. Person residing residence at marketplace expenses ”.
Building a house requires more than just monetary resources. The inspiration need to stand, the body ought to dry. As a end result, the construction of a residence does no longer end in one season however often stretches over . There also are construction technologies that contain speedy creation – frame era, houses made from laminated veneer lumber. Anyways, it is worth calculating homes of a comparable region in one of a kind constructing substances, primarily based at the info of your website.

A great deal depends at the qualifications of the patron and his desire to invest his own time and power in his domestic. In line with the calculations of experts, whilst acting part of the work to your very own, you may reduce prices via 30%. If all of the work is entrusted to a contractor, on the contrary, 10 to twenty% should be brought to the development value.

Specialists and groups are that specialize in making production cheaper. To agree with such or no longer is as much as the purchaser to decide, but it isn’t forbidden to adopt numerous techniques. So, Sergei Domogatsky, the author of the route “reasonable savings in creation” advises replacing the wall overlooking the open terrace with a double-glazed window with a door. It’s miles cheaper, warmth loss is low. “it’s far possible to build houses with panoramic glazing even in areas where the temperature in winter drops beneath forty,” Domogatsky is sure. Some other tip is to invite massive providers of % windows if there is a batch of windows inside the warehouses that have been mistakenly made no longer to the scale of the customer. The scales are frequently the wrong length and the windows are not suitable for clients. These erroneous batches are returned to manufacturing, and loads of them are saved in a warehouse or even within the outdoor. Factories sell these windows at good deal expenses, or extra instances less expensive, “- remarks Domogatsky. So, adjusting window openings for completed blocks can shop tens of hundreds of rubles on a residence scale.

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